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Plastic Tyre Lever Set 3pce - 110mm

Plastic Tyre Lever Set 3pce - 110mm by Silverline

Light, compact, 'on-the-road' snap-together levers for easy transport. Robust construction resists breakage and bending. Ergonomic shape for easy handling. 3 levers for smooth tyre change. ...

£2.88 In Stock

Bike Stand - Bike Stand

Bike Stand - Bike Stand by Silverline

Robust steel construction with corrosion-resistant finish. For tyres up to 2-1/2" and 29ers.

£6.28 In Stock

Multipurpose Bike Wrench - 13-Way

Multipurpose Bike Wrench - 13-Way by Silverline

Handy multipurpose spanner, configured for a wide range of applications during bike maintenance. Strong, durable 3mm steel construction. Features 9 x different hex wrenches, 2 x open-ended wrenches, ...

£3.18 In Stock

Puncture Repair Kit 7pce - 7pce

Puncture Repair Kit 7pce - 7pce by Silverline

Complete kit for carrying out quick repairs on inner tubes. Includes 4 x repair patches, marking crayon, tube of rubber cement and abrasive paper.

£3.16 In Stock

Bicycle Pump - 400mm

Bicycle Pump - 400mm by Silverline

Large single stroke air displacement inflates bike tyres with ease. Fits Presta and Schrader-type bicycle valves. 150mm valve connector hose. Length 400mm x dia 22mm.

£3.74 In Stock

Bicycle Chain Tool - Adjustable

Bicycle Chain Tool - Adjustable by Silverline

Strong, durable steel construction. Removes and replaces chain links with ease. Adjustable chain link support around the rivet for varied chain widths. Precise action. Ideal for on-the-road repairs ...

£4.69 In Stock

Spoke Key - 10 - 15 Gauge

Spoke Key - 10 - 15 Gauge by Silverline

Hardened and tempered carbon steel adjuster for spoke gauges 10-15. Chrome-plated finish.

£3.32 In Stock

Bicycle Lift - 20kg

Bicycle Lift - 20kg by Silverline

Rubber-coated hooks prevent scratching to bicycle. Secure locking mechanism prevents accidental release. Easy to assemble. 20kg lifting capacity. Max height 4m.

£10.46 In Stock

Bike Multi-Tool - 13 Function

Bike Multi-Tool - 13 Function by Silverline

Includes 2, 2.5, 3, 4, 5 and 6mm hex key set, 8, 10 and 15mm wrenches, 8, 9, 10mm sockets and socket drivers, 1 x 6mm slotted and 1 x 5mm Phillips screwdrivers. Fabric carry case with belt loop.

£4.49 Out of Stock

5 LED Bike Lamp - Clear

5 LED Bike Lamp - Clear by Silverline

5 LED bike lamp with 7 settings. Bracket for easy attachment. Requires 2 x AA batteries.

£3.30 In Stock